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#NotMyShame #MeToo Stories

This is a safe place to share your #MeToo stories and an online self awareness tool to help get rid of feelings of shame and guilt that never were ours to carry in the first place.

Why we do this?

Our goal is to empower you and we’re on a mission to change the culture of silence and instead promote a culture of sharing and self love.

Shame thrives in secrecy, silence and judgement but does not survive being spoken. That’s why sharing our stories can be so liberating. The #NotMyShame toolkit is a 6-step empathy and empowerment process based on psychologists & therapists recommendations on how to deal with feelings of shame.

Watch the videos of Dr. Brené Brown and Ester Perel below for a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind shame and how the power of the accuser has increased.

Esther Perel @ The Daily Show

Shame depends on the belief that you’re all alone, truth is you’re not, that’s why #MeToo is so powerful

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Do the 6-steps

Shame thrives in secrecy, silence and judgement but cannot survive being spoken that’s why sharing your stories and empowering yourself through the #notmyshame toolkit is so liberating.

  • 1. Share your #MeToo story
  • 2. Talk to yourself as you would talk to your best friend
  • 3. Reality check your shame
  • 4. Take back the narrative
  • 5. Hang off the shame coat for forever
  • 6. Reach out and share your story with someone you trust

#NotMyShame Toolkit
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The antidote to shame is empathy, together we’re taking back our stories

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